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Ravenna Terminal Passeggeri

One Port, Countless Destinations

Porto Corsini

A Guest-oriented Cruise Terminal

At the port entrance stands the brand-new strategically located 300 mt long pier with two berths which can accommodate ships up to 280 mt on a draft of 8.50 mt. There is also a 600 sq mt terminal which houses Customs and Immigration controls for in-transit ships.
The cruise terminal is only 20 minutes drive from Ravenna city centre, located in between the yacht marina, the beaches and pine forests.


Byzantine culture blended with Italian flavour

Ravenna, also known as ‘the city of mosaics’, holds the most beautiful mosaics in the world: they span the years of Roman, Ostrogothic and Byzantine rule. Ravenna Early Christian mosaics have been designated World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Ravenna is one of the top cities of art in Italy, a unique blend of cultures, with its Byzantine and Christian heritage arising from its churches’ architecture.
In Ravenna visitors can stroll around the old streets and peaceful squares with fine shops and renowned ‘trattorias’, where they can taste Emilia-Romagna region delicious food.